Pearson Qualifications
QH Offers BTEC qualifications, part of the UK framework that endeavors to provide high quality and internationally recognized vocational degrees and diplomas.
Training Center for
Deaf and Blind Professionals
The center aims at giving deaf and blind professionals the opportunity to get University Education with least hustle and cost and with the maximum support.

Teacher Training

Through QHUK / IPETC courses, all teachers have a chance to progress in their careers. We offer Qualifications for the following groups of educators.
Skills Development & Corporate Training Center
The Corporate Training Center forms an essential base for development with a high level of flexibility to accommodate the diverse demands and requirements.....

about QH UK

Qualifications House UK is a fully registered trademark for Qualifications House, a private Company Limited by Shares registered in England and Wales. It operates in the UK and Mainland Europe as a training provider and vocational education center.

In the UAE, sister institution Sagson Institute, operates on the same values and standards.

The group aims to become a national and international leader in innovative vocational education programmes

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Our Mission

“To provide excellent quality vocational education and increase inclusion of professionals that responds to the needs of today’s business world, and gives them the opportunity to serve their communities effectively”

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Why Choose Us

  • One of the most innovative educational institutes in the world. QH depends on Mobile Hubs: MHs are mobile classrooms that take our qualified teacher and instructors to literally anywhere in the world.
  • International/National Recognition
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is fully approved and can be used to shorten the duration of your studies.

Featured Programmes